Denton County Friends of the Family

Take the Faith for Freedom Pledge!

As a member of the Faith Community, I pledge to partner with DCFOF to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault in our community and raise resources for those in need.

What Is Faith For Freedom?

#FaithForFreedom is a campaign in which DCFOF is partnering with faith congregations all across Denton County with three goals: 

1.  To raise awareness of domestic violence in congregations across the county, and make our services known to any potential victims 

2. To raise funds for the clients that we serve through special offerings and/or in-kind donations in those congregations

3. To build a relationship of trust between the faith communities and our agency in order to know how to connect clients with a congregation of their faith and access to community resources  

Find out how your congregation can help by downloading the "Goals" file below! Our Development Coordinator, Kim, will be reaching out to you to say thank you and give you more info!

Thank you for investing in safety, hope, healing, justice, and prevention.